10 Best Gardening Gifts For Mom 2019

by Frank B.

Garden moms deserve the best of gifts, whether it’s mother’s day or her birthday or it’s just any other day. If she loves gardening so much, then you’re lucky enough to have a wide range of gardening tools to choose from. What works more to your advantage is that you can easily find these tools in Amazon and other online marketplaces. Best of all, they’re the ones that would put the biggest smile on your mom’s face. She will naturally fall in love with any of the following gardening gifts for mom.

1. Gardening Gloves With Claws On The Tips

You must have observed how hands-on mom is when it comes to gardening. If that’s the case, you will surely find it rewarding to give her a pair of gardening gloves. Consider clawed gloves as gardening essentials! They’re great for digging, seeding, and weeding. Find the version that’s waterproof and cut-resistant. Surely, she will love your gardening gift the most.

The best thing about this pair of gardening gloves is that it is made of natural rubber latex. While it protects mom’s hands from dirt and anything sharp from outside, it keeps them safe inside. Plus, it’s the perfect tool for pruning roses!

2. Soil pH Acidity Tester

Looking for gardening gifts for mom? Chat with her. You will receive clues from your conversation.

More specifically, find some time to chat with your mom on how essential soil quality is. The soil serves as the nutrient bank for plants. As you chat with your mother, you will eventually know more about terms like pH and soil acidity. If you hear her wish to have a tool to check on your backyard soil, you know she’d be needing a soil pH meter. Find her one. She’ll consider it such a valuable gift.

Some versions of this gardening tool can even feature three functions in one. Such an apparatus can thereby test moisture and light level. More importantly, it can accurately give the pH value. Your mom will surely love such a versatile and handy tool!

3. Garden Kneeler And Seat

This garden tool would be convenient for your mom. If you’ve been seeing her pants getting soiled while gardening, this tool is the solution. It’s an apparatus that folds.

So, it can serve either as a seat when your mom trims her plants or as a kneeler when she has to do some digging. Your mom will only have to flip the chair, and it functions as a kneeler!

4. Bonsai Starter Kit

gardening gifts for mom: bonsai starter kit
A bonsai starter kit makes a good gardening gift for mom.

Does mom love seeing bonsai trees so much? Then, the perfect package of gardening gifts for mom should include a bonsai starter kit. She wouldn’t want to miss growing these plants for her unique garden!

You might want to choose the product that stores starter seeds in seed-safe vials. If you do, your mom would have no problems when it comes to germination. Witness the excitement in your mom’s eyes as she grows her bonsai trees either indoors or outdoors!

5.Compost Pail With Filter

If your mother loves both cooking and gardening, then you can hand her this perfect gift. A stainless-steel compost pail can be placed in your kitchen. Your mom can put all fruit and vegetable peelings into this pail as she prepares your meals. Once full, she can just transport the container to your backyard. Then, she’ll empty the contents into your compost for a healthier soil!

To put a bigger smile into your mother’s face, choose one that has a carbon filter. The filter ensures that your kitchen would not smell rotten while your mom’s filling this pail up.

6. Seed Starter Kit for Tomatoes

Starter kits make good gardening gifts for mom!

Speaking about kitchen and cooking, many cooking garden moms love tomatoes. Just in case your mom already has a solution for composting, you might instead want to give her a seed starter kit. You can choose any other vegetable dear to mom’s heart.

If she, however, loves so many kinds of vegetables and fruits, you can select a seed starter kit for tomatoes. Choose one that features different varieties, and mom will surely appreciate it!

A good tomato seed starter kit will have the following inclusions:

  • big and deep planting cell tray
  • reservoir tray
  • sterile, soil-less potting mix
  • greenhouse cover
  • fertilizer

Find a starting kit with the above essentials. Your mom will absolutely love the practicality of the tool!

7. Stackable Planter For A Unique Garden

You may be a bit short of space, but it’s just that mom loves to plant more. You can give her some relief if you present to her a stackable planter that can work fine whether indoors or outdoors. Choose one that is sturdy and resistant to cracks. If you find one that has built-in drainage, that would be the best one for mom’s indoor plants!

With a stackable planter, your mom can even create an atmosphere of Christmas in the garden. Let mom embrace a unique garden experience by gifting her a planter that both saves space and is decorative!

8. Mini Broadcast Spreader

You might have heard about a professional broadcast spreader that makes spreading fertilizers or seeds a lot easier. For moms, a mini version would be perfect.

Such a device would even out the spread of granular products. Surely, your mom would love to finally have an aid when it comes to spreading fertilizers all over her garden. Is mom’s garden growing bigger? Seed spreaders can be the perfect gardening gifts for mom!

9. The “Trowel & Error” Gardening Book

Is your mom also a book lover? Does she love taking hold of a physical book as supposed to reading a digital guide? You can hand her this paperback gardening book as a gift.

The book will inevitably become one of your mom’s very best friends. She’ll treasure the book as she peruses it along with her gardening venture. The book will introduce her to organic remedies and tips on gardening. Your mom will surely be excited about applying the techniques she’ll learn from the book!

10. Children’s Gardening Tool Set

If it turns out that you still have little children in your home, say, younger brothers or sisters, or even grandchildren, then your mother might love to receive this kind of gift.

You might have been seeing her deal with the little kids trying to play around while she’s gardening. If that’s the case, it might be better for the children to have their own set of tools. Choose those with rounded edges for their safety. Certainly, it would be fun for mom to teach gardening lessons with the kids!

The Best Gardening Gifts For Mom Are The Most Useful Ones

mother's day garden gift ideas
A complete set of garden tools.

Mothers are typically practical. Considering that fact, you would immediately realize that the best gardening gift are the ones most useful to her. The above suggestions have now given you the best mother’s day garden gift ideas.

Observe her while gardening and you would have hints on the tools she needs. Compare them to the ones you’ve read from above, and you’ll soon know the best gift to pick for your mom! Gift her the best gardening gift even if it’s not mother’s day!

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