7 Essential Garden Tools For A Home Garden

by Frank B.

You might be an aspiring home gardener. You could be someone who’s already making it a hobby. Or, you could be one who simply is a friend of a home gardener and is willing to be a supportive friend. Whatever the case is, you will find the list of garden tools below pretty useful. It gives you the top essential tools in taking care of a home garden. Read through so you can compare it with your own list. Then, check what you or your friend doesn’t have yet.

In the meantime, this article will assume that you are or you’re going to do home gardening yourself. Just enjoy the discussion on the essential home gardening tools and equipment!

1. Garden Scissors

Elderly woman holding a basket of flowers and Pruning shears

Some prefer fancy or specialized ones. Most home gardeners, however, make use of the ordinary household scissors. As long as they’re sharp and can cut off a leaf or stem, it can be good to go. Of course, you don’t want to cut off leaves for anything. You would like to deadhead flowers. The practice would encourage further blooming.

Pruning shears

If, on the other hand, you’d like to have really versatile tools for your home garden, choose one that is heavy-duty. You can use such scissors to harvest vegetables. If you’re planting a new batch of vegetables, you can quickly open a bag of seeds or potting soil if you’ve got the right garden tools. Having a pair of scissors in your pocket would then be pretty convenient.

2. Hose With Sprayer

You can easily take care of a home garden if you’re using a water hose with a sprayer. Gardeners also call this a hand sprinkler. The best kind allows you to control how strong the stream of water should be. You will find this convenient when the garden is wide enough. You will love to freely go around the front yard or backyard and sprinkle water with strength according to the plant you’re watering.

hose with sprayer

Some think of having an automated sprinkler. If you’re the kind of gardener who’s meticulous about everything, including the intensity with which you want to water a specific area, having a hose with sprayer would be perfect for you. A ground sprinkler may effortlessly do the work for you, but it will have a limited reach.

3. Gardening Hat

You might not have considered this to be part of a list of garden tools at the beginning. Well, you’re not alone in that line of thinking. Some home gardeners think the opposite, however. They consider a hat such a convenient tool when it comes to working in one’s garden. Hats are part of garden essentials.

gardening hat

Apparently, you won’t be conducting garden maintenance on a rainy day. Typically, you’ll be doing it while the sun is up. At times, you’ll find yourself in the garden under a cloudy sky. Still, having a hat gives you some protection from too much heat.

While you have geared up in terms of upper and lower clothing, your head and face need some protection, too. Wearing a hat would help you maintain your well-being while taking care of your garden.

4. Hori-Hori Soil Knife

This tool finds itself in almost every garden tools list you can read on. There’s no doubt about it, the Hori-Hori digging tool is also a knife that’s really versatile. Every home gardener has to have it, and that includes you.

Hori-Hori Soil Knife

A gardener’s favorite, this tool gives you excellent service:

  • This soil knife can help you easily dig out and plant bulbs.
  • It can measure the depth of what you’ve dug because it has calibrations.
  • What is even interesting is that it can cut through roots.
  • It can weed out.
  • It can help you transfer bonsai plants from one pot to another.

The Hori-Hori knife has a Japanese origin and is made of stainless steel. With that information, you will have had a sense of how excellent the quality of this gardening tool is. No doubt it has become every gardener’s favorite!

5. Wheelbarrow

red wheelbarrow

You might think that a home garden is just a home garden – it’s small and so you won’t bother to get yourself a wheelbarrow. Well, you should.

Every home garden starts out small, but eventually, it will grow big. You’ll soon have to transport soil from one area to another. You’ll have to collect fallen leaves and put them into the compost. You may have to carry a growing number of gardening tools. What is a better device than a wheelbarrow for carrying all garden stuff in one round?

orange wheelbarrow

If what you have is still a small garden, just think about the future and begin investing in what’s essential. You will find that having a wheelbarrow can make garden maintenance a convenient task. Consider it a significant part of the essential garden tools list.

6. Spade

You might have wondered how different a spade is from a shovel. Some people use them interchangeably. Is there really a difference between the two?

Well, the answer might depend on the place you’re living in. By functional definition though, the spade is used for digging. On the other hand, a shovel is used for scooping. Anyway, both are essentials.


So, let’s talk about a spade. Definitely, you should have one for your home garden. While you’re going to use the Hori-Hori trowel for digging a small area, you’ll have to use the spade for massive soil work. This would be useful when you’re still beginning to plant vegetables and prepare new plots.

Well, if spade and shovel images still confuse you, you can pick a “shovel” with a pointed tip. While it basically scoops soil or trimmings, it can also dig deep and function as a spade.

7. Garden Rake

garden tools

Eventually, you will have to clean up the garden after doing some trimming. A versatile garden rake meant not only for leaves will then be essential. In home gardens, you typically have small spaces. A shrub rake will then be fitting to use as it can easily find its way to clean up tight areas.

garden rake

Hard rakes are also great! You can flip them over to move compost. That’s two purposes in one tool. Think about how useful such a tool would be when you want the garden cleared up in just minutes.

Home Gardening With The Right Garden Tools Should Be Fun

With the right tools, that would eventually be the case. Maintaining your home garden would consequently be a fun task to accomplish each day. Be careful about choosing your set of tools so you’ll achieve only the most ideal results possible. Most importantly, love what you do, and your garden will love you back with its produce!

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