7 Housewarming Presents For A Garden Lover

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So, you're here to look for ideas on housewarming presents for a garden lover. Glad you found the right spot!

If you know someone who loves gardening and is moving to a new place, somebody must have asked the question. What to bring to a housewarming party? And you’re here to find that person a perfect gift – gardening housewarming gifts! Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re asking what “is” – well, there’s not one answer. Instead, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Most of the options are, of course, gardening tools. You will come to realize that the best gifts for a garden lover are stuff he or she doesn’t have yet. Or, it can be a tool he or she can’t easily find in his or her new place. It can also be something he or she already has but it’s been too old that your friend needs to replace it.

Guess what, whatever the case is, you can extend a warm helping hand to your friend! Pick a housewarming presents from the list of good presents for gardeners below.

1. Extra-Wide Seat Folding Garden Kneeler

This product is beneficial when it comes to spending hours in garden maintenance. Your friend will surely love the convenience this garden kneeler provides.

It’s called both a seat and a kneeler at the same time, It has both functions! In other words, you can just flip this two-in-one tool over. Then, it will immediately show off its additional function. As a plus, it is foldable. This makes the kneeler easy to keep.

Housewarming Presents

Your friend may have to spend a lot of time developing a garden in his or her new place. Giving your friend a seat-and-kneeler tool will definitely put a big smile on his or her face.

2. Complete Garden Tool Collection

presents for a garden lover: complete garden tools set

What to bring to a housewarming party? A complete garden tool set makes a great present!

Looking for a great package of presents for a garden lover? One of the best housewarming gifts for a gardener is a brand-new set of garden tools. This would come in a well-crafted toolbox.

Among the best ones on the market includes six essential hand tools. They are the

  • trowel
  • transport trowel
  • cultivator
  • dibbler
  • fork
  • pruners

Bonus tools in the collection include a pair of gloves, a notebook, and plant markers.

The case is made of pine, while the handle is of natural rope. The package is easy to carry, and a cool one to present as a gift. Your friend will surely feel the thrill of opening it!

3. Galvanized Herb Planters with Rectangular Tray

herb planters are good presents for gardeners

Herb planters are excellent housewarming presents for a garden lover.

Your friend’s new garden should take time to develop. In the meantime, you can give him or her a set of galvanized herb planters arranged in a rectangular tray. With such a gift, he or she will still be able to grow little plants indoors.

One can place these little planters by the window. This area would be perfect for the herbs to catch the sunlight. You’re not only filling a part of your friend’s house with this gift; you’re also giving him or her the opportunity to work the hobby indoors.

4. Mobile Tool Storage Caddy

Moving to a new place can often become a hassle. That is especially the case if you have a lot of stuff to bring with you. Talk about the trouble it can cause a gardener! Bring storage caddies as presents for a garden lover and paint a smile on his or her face!

You can bring your gardening buddy a relief with tool storage caddy. See to it that it's easy to carry around anywhere. In other words, it’s mobile. Such a storage tool would have wheels. Your friend can store his or her tools in this caddy and bring it around indoors. He or she can quickly bring it outside, too, once he or she works out the front yard or backyard garden.

Choose a caddy that occupies little space and which you can assemble or disassemble. Make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold all of your friend’s heavy-duty tools!

5. Herb Drying Rack

presents for a garden lover: herb-drying rack

Your friend will appreciate an herb-drying rack. Bring some as housewarming presents.

Once your friend proceeds to the work of harvesting, he or she may need an herb drying rack. This tool will aid in air drying herbs, harvested fresh from your friend’s garden.

You can find one that has six hooks. Some products also have additional hooks in case you want to hang more herbs. While made to be functional, this rack can serve decorative purposes, too. Aside from drying herbs, your friend can hang flowers, chili peppers, and even garlic in this fantastic tool.

6. Tomato Towers

Does your friend love tomatoes so much? If so, it would genuinely be rewarding to give your friend a set of tomato towers. A tomato tower is basically a cage that can keep your friend’s tomato plants upright. Your friend’s tomatoes will then be the easiest to harvest!

Presents For A Garden Lover: Tomato Towers

If you like this for your friend, check on the following guidelines:

  • Pick the kind that has large openings.
  • Check out if it supports a tomato plant on all sides.
  • See if it is storage-friendly.

The best tomato towers eliminate the need for using ropes for additional support. The best product available is also foldable. This makes the tomato tower easy to store when it’s not yet the season for tomatoes.

7. Water Glutton Door Mat

A new door matches well with a new doormat. Your friend deserves a welcome into his or her new home with such a gift. It’s called water glutton because it absorbs water well.

From its name, you can already sense the purpose of this doormat. When your friend works from outside of his or her home and then enters inside, you would not want him or her to be messing around. His or her feet and hands should leave no water drippings inside the home. With the help of a water glutton doormat, he or she can keep the indoor floor dry and prevent it from becoming messy and slippery.

Bring Your Friend The Best Housewarming Presents

Nothing can be so heartwarming than a fitting housewarming gift for someone who’s moving in. As your friend invites you to his moving-in party, surprise him or her with a present that suits his or her hobby well. You will find those tears of joy truly rewarding.

Remember to be observant while you are still in the process of deciding over the perfect gift. You will find yourself the happiest when you see your friend’s perfect smile as he or she unveils what you’ve wrapped. Consult the above list again for perfect presents for a garden lover. Start working to pick that excellent choice of gift now!

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