The Best Gardening Activities For Your Kids

by Frank B.

Do you love to garden? If you do, it’s only natural to want to teach your child the basics of gardening. That can be quite difficult for some reasons. First, children generally hate chores. So, you have to make gardening attractive to them. You might also have concerns about their safety.

Rest assured, these are pretty common fears. The good news is that there is a way to circumvent all those fears. All you have to do is create some gardening activities that will fit your kids perfectly. Sounds cool, right?

So here are the best gardening activities for your kids right now.

Gardening Activities You Should Consider For Your Kids

1.     Watering Plants

Gardening Activities For Your Kids

So here’s something that will leave your children feeling awed and inspired. Get them to water the plants. Before they start, show them how it’s done and make sure you commend them for their efforts. Watch as their smiles melt your heart.

By watering these plants, you allow your child to learn more about plants. Also, they learn a little bit about taking responsibility. They also learn how to hold a watering can.

2.     Starting a Miniature Garden

succulent garden

Want your child to know how it feels to have their own garden? Start a miniature garden and give your child full control. Guide them as they plant their succulents and take care of their own garden. You probably can already feel their excitement.

There are so many gardening activities that they can learn from this experience. It allows them to appreciate gardening as a hobby. It also helps them to become more creative.

3.     Build Their Own Terrarium


This activity will surely leave your kid happy and excited. To build their own terrarium, guide them as they use a transparent vase. Then, get them to plant whatever they want in this vase. Make sure the contents of the glass has wonderful scenery. If you can find pebbles, even better!

Building a terrarium with your kids will allow them to use their creative minds. That’s not all. Your child gets to know so many new plants and what they can actually do. At the end of the exercise, the impact it has on your child’s development will be terrific.

Planting In Your Garden

father and daughter planting

Here’s one activity you can also try. Actual planting! To get this done, you can give them a portion of your own garden, to begin with. You can help with the design and the planting of the seedlings. You can also help them set up the garden.

Having their own garden will help spur their interest in gardening. It also helps them hone their organizational skills as well as take on more responsibility. More importantly, it aids their development in life. That is really the most important thing.


Helping your child enjoy gardening will have long-term benefits. It will also ensure that you have fun along the way. These gardening activities above will surely help you keep things moving in the right direction. I’m confident that your endeavors will be very successful.

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