Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts 2020 for Dads With a Green Thumb

by Frank B.

Are you still browsing on what to give to your dad on Father’s Day? Worry no more! Check out this goodie Father’s Day list that we uniquely prepared for that exceptional day!


Does your dad enjoy music and loves to get news updates on the radio? Make his Father’s Day memorable with this 3M WorkTunes AM/FM with Hearing Protector device. Not only that, this item could fulfill your dad’s daily dose of entertainment, but, at the same time, it secures hearing protection. This item features the following;

  • A padded headband and soft earmuffs that will surely give your dad the exact comfort that you want him to have.
  • 24 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and a Bass Boost Option
  • Fully functional AM/FM option, plus an Auxiliary Jack that lets you connect your other device to play your favorite songs and records.
  • A Voice Assist Technology that verifies the radio station that you are listening

This item also has a lightweight, which your dad can surely enjoy its use even at work or doing some lawn time. Buy this item as a gift with this link. Check Price


Did the recent global lockdown make your dad spend his leisure time around the garden or clearing up the backyard? Well, this Garden Genie Gloves could be a perfect gift for him on Father’s Day! This type of garden gloves has a unique feature of linen knit material on the back part, which makes it breathable and comfy on hands. The other part of the glove has a coating of natural latex rubber, which makes it waterproof and durable. Another unique feature of this item is the four built-in ABS plastic finger claws on each hand that could help your dad remove those unwanted grass with ease. Buy this item as a gift with this link. Check Price


Make your dad get rid of intrusive bugs to the next level! This Bug-A-Salt 2.0 will surely give your dad the action and the thrill of getting rid of those bugs he has never been before. The item features a non-toxic material, non-battery operated, and only uses the usual table salt to shoot the bugs out. If you are planning to buy a unique Father’s Day gift that is useful and will give your dad the vibe of action, this one is a unique perfect choice! Buy this item as a gift with this link. Check Price


Does your dad love setting up and fixing up the yard? How about buying him this Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow on Father’s Day? This item features not only a wheelbarrow function but can also be converted as a dolly, yard cart, bag holder, extended dolly, trailer tote, cylinder carrier, and rock mover. It has a load capacity of 300 pounds and can easily be maneuvered. If you want to surprise your dad a multi-functional item, this one should include your top list! Buy this item as a gift with this link. Check Price


If your dad enjoys outdoor activities either during the day or during the night, this Father’s Day gift idea will amaze him. This item comes not only as a table lamp device but also as a Bluetooth speaker with a smartphone and laptop compatibility. It has a built-in rechargeable 3600MA battery that can play your dad’s favorite music for long hours. If you’re looking for a gift that can be useful to your dad’s next outdoor activity or even inside the house, this one could be the right choice. Buy this item as a gift with this link. Check Price


If you’re looking for an item where your dad can do his groove and dance with his favorite dancing tunes, this DEMERBOX is a must-have on Father’s Day! This item features not only a crushproof but also a waterproof case. It has a 40-hour battery life and can also be used to charge any of your devices with a USB input. If you are looking for a loud, handy, yet long-lasting Bluetooth speaker gift for your dad on Father’s Day, you should check this out! Buy this item as a gift with this link. Check Price


This Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator could be the best Father’s Day gift that you could wrap-up for your dad if he does gardening seriously. This product features a 13.5-amp durable cultivating machine. It has an ergonomic handle, six adjustable tines, and has an overall weight of 29 pounds. If you want to give your dad a powerful yet easy-to-use gardening tool, this one is a must-have! Buy this item as a gift with this link. Check Price


Is your dad someone who can’t but have a mini-farm in his garden or a sucker for natural food? Then, this is the perfect gift for him. Bloomgrow is a highly reflective waterproof mylar for growing plant in any growth stage such as seedling, germination, flower, veg and so on. It features a user-friendly design, high accuracy and stability, double stitching to guide against light leaks to mention a few. This multi-purpose grower will surely make your father grinning from ear to ear. What more, with this fantastic tool, you’ll not just be buying him a gift but also keep him agile, and healthy. Talk about killing two birds with a stone. Buy this item as a gift with this link. Check Price

TomCare Garden Kneeler

If you have an agriculturist as a dad, this should catch your fancy. Remember the famous phrase “Once a soldier is always a soldier.” Yeah, this applies to an agriculturist. Now imagine how happy he would be by gifting him a tool that is highly useful for his work. The TomCare Garden Kneeler is a multi-functional, portable, and foldable kneeler. It features two convenient tool bags for keeping your tools and a foam-padded cushion for comfortability. It can also double as a seat when fishing and enjoying the serene atmosphere from the bustling of water. Gift him this and see him cherish it with all his heart. Don’t tell him the price for this tool, lest he sees it as cheating because it’s more value for money. Buy this item as a gift with this link. Check Price

Sun Joe Electric Chipper

Does your dad love house beatification? From setting up a chandelier to those awesome paintings, high-class doors and more, then he needs one thing to make it more perfect. That’s the Sun Joe Electric Chipper. An ideal tool for turning twigs and branches to nutrient-rich and exceedingly beautiful garden mulch. Everybody loves to have a beautiful garden that can catch the attention of visitors from afar, and this perfect and affordable is the best way to achieve that. It’s time you contribute your quota to the beatification of your father’s house. Buy this item as a gift with this link. Check Price

Closing Remarks

Father’s Day is remarkable and it’s your duty as a son or daughter to make it more remarkable for your ever-loving father. And what better way to achieve that than going for the tools as mentioned earlier. They are not just for beautification but will also keep him busy and provide solace during this pandemic period.

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