Why Every Child Needs To Learn Gardening at an Early Age

by Frank B.

If you’ve had fun gardening, you probably already have plans for your kids to experience it too. It’s a fun and rewarding pastime that almost anyone can enjoy. If you have no experience gardening, don’t worry. You’re about to find out what makes gardening such a great activity, especially for young children. That way, you can decide to work towards this new adventure with your kids.

What Children Learn From Gardening at an Early Age

Gardening at an Early Age

Teaching your kids how to grow and care for plants helps them develop many other skills. Let’s consider some of them.

They Learn To Be Responsible

Just like owning a pet, caring for a garden requires time and dedication. Gardening at an early age can be one way to teach them the benefits of doing the right things at the right time and vice versa.

It Helps Them Broaden Their Knowledge

Gardening at an early age is a great way to introduce your kids to science. As they learn to grow food, they learn more about how the world works. This definitely involves learning more about nature. As they accomplish specific goals such as getting their first fruit or flower, it builds their self-confidence.

Gardening Keeps Them Active

You’d be surprised how much of a workout you can get by digging up some dirt. Kids absolutely love it. So gardening gets them to exercise and enjoy one of their favorite hobbies. If you have more than one child, gardening at an early age can create an opportunity for them to work together. This allows you to bond as a family. It’s also an excellent way for them to get creative as they think of new ways to grow plants.

They Have To Start At a Young Age

three little girls in a aquaphonic garden

So why should they start when they’re young? Well, because if you do it right, there are no downsides to gardening at an early age. So WHY NOT start when they’re young! Gardening can also be very convenient for you to engage in. It doesn’t require too much space if you don’t want it to. You can get a small flower pot and start from there. In fact, that might be where you want your kids to start gardening if you have your own garden and are scared they could damage something. Get them a couple of tools, a small trowel, and a watering can and get them started. Make sure they’re appropriately sized tools, so your kids don’t hurt themselves. Trust me; they will thank you for this later.


Many of the benefits your children will get from gardening will come if you do it with them. If your kids are under a certain age, they probably shouldn’t be doing anything without your supervision. So if you haven’t had a garden before, consider it your new family project. Take it slow and see it as another way to have fun with your children while teaching them specific skills and lessons in a simple way. If you do this, you’ll experience first hand the benefits of gardening with your kids, especially when they’re young.

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