FLORA GUARD 3 Piece Aluminum Garden Tool Set – Trowel, Cultivator, Pruning Shear, Gift Set for Gardening Needs (Purple)

FLORA GUARD 3 Piece Aluminum Garden Tool Set (Purple)


$16.89 on December 28, 2022

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This set of 3 garden tools is a useful and simple tool. Gardening in fresh air and outdoor sunshine let’s you truly enjoy the time you spend in your garden. The FLORA GUARD Garden Tool Set is perfect for all types of gardens as well as indoor plants and gift set for gardening.

Sturdy, reinforced, and easy-to-clean high-carbon steel paired with a high-quality, odor-resistant, water-resistant rubberized hand grip makes FLORA GUARD Garden Tools Set useful in wide-ranging gardening situations.

Check out this FLORA GUARD 3 Piece Garden Tool Set – Trowel video

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