GEO Terradisiena 4-Tier Terracotta Sprouter

GEO Terradisiena 4-Tier Terracotta Sprouter


$59.95 on March 24, 2023

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The GEO Terradisiena is a beautiful yet highly practical sprouter fashioned from hygienic, food-safe terracotta, and it was created by Italian artisans. With the help of an inventive stacking mechanism, you may either separate the trays to create a damp, dark environment or open the trays up to air and light. These “night” and “day” sprouting options enable the best possible control over the many stages of growth from seed to sprout.

Innovative Stacking System: Trays are space individually to allow air and light and creates a damp and dark environment. The terracotta sprouter reduces the water requirement by keeping it cool, hydrated and ventilated.

Check out this Terracotta Sprouter demo

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