Nature Anywhere Clear Plastic Window Bird Feeder for Outside – Clear Window Bird Feeders with Strong Suction Cups – Transparent Bird Feeder Window Mount Acrylic Bird House for Cat Window Perch

Nature Anywhere Clear Plastic Window Bird Feeder


$29.90 on December 28, 2022

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See colorful wild birds from up close. Sit in your kitchen and take pleasure in playing around at your bird feeder. Window bird feeders adapts to any plain glass window.

The original window feeder designed for hanging outside is constructed and created by Nature Anywhere. Consistently upgraded and fine-tuned since 2014. EASY TO FILL, AND CLEAN. No need to remove the whole window bird feeders. Simply slide the patented tray out, fill, and slide back in.

Have you never seen a squirrel climb a glass window? That’s impossible! Keep the feeder 10 feet away from ledges, gables, and tree branches and Mr. Nuts is out of the running. This is a squirrel-safe bird feeder. The industry-leading air circulation system will keep the seed dry and safe from the effects of damp.

Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeders LIFETIME GUARANTEE and VIP SUPPORT:

Like all Nature Anywhere products, if for some reason not 100% SATISFIED with your Birds-I-View, you will get a complete refund (or replace your purchase, if there is a problem.)

For birdwatchers and nature lovers, THE PERFECT GIFT is a mix of candy and bird food that transforms the backyard into a thrilling wonderland. A terrific present for older moms, dads, and parents who already have everything, for parents who have everything, for grandparents, for anybody who loves gardening. Just add bird food and have a great time with your birdwatching.

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