Bokashi Compost Starter Kit – Includes 2 Airtight Bins, Masher, Strainer, Cup for Compost Tea, Free Bokashi Bran with Promo, and Detailed Composting Instructions. Attractive Kitchen Compost Bin.

  • Would you like to reduce your kitchen carbon footprint? This Bokashi composting starter kit includes everything you need! Kit includes two 5 gallon Bokashi Buckets, accessories and composting guide, with Step by Step Instructions.
  • With our Bokashi Composting Kit, you’ll be able to successfully compost your kitchen scraps while maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen environment. This is the ideal setup for those who love composting but don’t have the time or desire to maintain a separate compost pile. You’ll be able to do it all in one convenient location: your own kitchen! High quality construction and an eye pleasing design. This composter looks great on a kitchen counter or tucked away in a cabinet or pantry.
  • Set of 2 bokashi composting bins, strainers, a masher and cup for compost-tea. You’ll receive a set of two 5-gallon Bokashi buckets, strainers, masher and cup for compost-tea. These are constructed of high quality polypropylene and feature a tight-fitting lid and spigot seal to prevent smells from escaping. The buckets also include an eye-pleasing design and effective odor control, so they can be stored on the counter or tucked away in a cabinet or pantry.
  • All Bokashi products are designed and tested for quality in Austin, Texas. Unlike cheap low quality compost bins, this Bokashi composter is made to last! Here’s to going green with style!
  • Be sure to select “EXTRA SAVINGS” prior to checkout for a free bag of our Hand Made Bokashi Bran. Be sure to check the free bag promo when purchasing. Happy Composting from our family to yours!

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