Gardening Techniques

  • sapling in the palm

    Ornamental Sowing Guides

    Indoor Sowing Guide FLOWERS & ORNAMENTALS * Can also be started indoors in late summer to early fall or winter in mild climates. See packet for specific information. 10–12 Weeks Before Your Average Last Frost Date ... Read more

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  • verbena

    Sow Indoors 10-12 Weeks Before Average Last Frost

    Flowers & Ornamentals Vegetables & Herbs

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  • fresh basil and pepper with red and blue leds

    The AeroGarden Harvest the indoor garden that doesn’t require soil!

    What could be better than fresh, tasty herbs and vegetables you grew yourself? The AeroGarden Harvest allows you to do just that! This hydroponic indoor garden offers the convenience of the soft-start feature, making it ... Read more

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  • father touring his kid inside a garden

    Why Every Child Needs To Learn Gardening at an Early Age

    If you’ve had fun gardening, you probably already have plans for your kids to experience it too. It’s a fun and rewarding pastime that almost anyone can enjoy. If you have no experience gardening, don’t ... Read more

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  • little girl watering plants

    Expert Tips on Gardening with Children

    Gardening? With children? Do those two even fit in the same sentence? Well, you’d be surprised just how well you can combine the two worlds. Children love to be active. They love the outdoors. And ... Read more

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  • mother and daughter in garden holding tools

    How to Keep Your Kids Interested In Gardening

    Gardening is a great activity for summertime and can be a beautiful bonding time for the family. While you may be totally convinced about this, your children might not agree. Well, you can’t blame them. ... Read more

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  • crops on basket

    The Best Crops to Plant With Your Kids As A Good Place to start

    Gardening is fun. This is especially true when you do it with friends and loved ones. Well, for some children, they don’t see it that way. They see it as a stressful and dirty activity. ... Read more

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  • little girl holding leaves in a garden

    The Best Gardening Activities For Your Kids

    Do you love to garden? If you do, it’s only natural to want to teach your child the basics of gardening. That can be quite difficult for some reasons. First, children generally hate chores. So, ... Read more

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  • sample of indoor gardening

    Urban Farming 101: The Best Methods, Tools & Tips For Beginners

    I live in the city and lead a growing family. Needless to say, our space would soon grow smaller while our food and health needs get more demanding. When I think about sustaining my family ... Read more

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  • overhead view of herbs

    7 Best Herbs to Grow in Your Garden This Year

    Are we seriously suggesting you start an herb garden right before winter? You’d better believe it! Don’t let frigid weather crush your passion for growing fresh herbs. There are several great herb options that thrive ... Read more

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