Creative Roots Paint Your Own #1 Mom Stepping Stone

Creative Roots #1 Mom Stepping Stone


$7.99 on March 6, 2023

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Looking for a special Mother’s Day gift? Look no further than the Paint Your Own #1 MOM Stepping Stone by Creative Roots! This set comes complete with a 7-inch stepping stone that reads “#1 MOM,” 6 acrylic paints, and a paintbrush, so you can make a unique and meaningful gift without any messy mixing or molding. Simply dip your paintbrush into the provided colors, including black, white, blue, green, yellow, and red, and paint within the lines to bring your stone to life.

Mix colors to create your own custom palette and see what happens when you blend colors like blue and red or yellow and red! Once you’re done, display your stone on a shelf, window sill, or in the garden, but be sure to protect it from the elements with an exterior varnish. This DIY stepping stone kit is perfect for children aged 6 and up.

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