DOMMIA Plant Grow Light, 12W Ultra-Thin Plant Light, Full Spectrum Led Grow Light with 90 LEDs, 2Pcs DIY Assembly Grow Light Strip for Indoor Garden Greenhouse Aquarium Hydroponic

DOMMIA Plant Grow Light, 12W Ultra-Thin Plant Light


$18.79 on March 15, 2023

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DOMMIA Plant Grow Light provides a spectrum of 380-800nm, which is sufficient for healthy plant growth. The red light is effective for photosynthesis and conducive to flowering, while the blue light accelerates growth and prolongs the flowering period.

The LED grow light strip has excellent heat dissipation and is made of 2 ultra-thin aluminum support boards and LEDs. It generates less heat, allowing it to be placed closer to the plants without causing damage. It is suitable for all types of plants, including vegetables, succulents, fruits, flowers, herbs, and hydroponics.

The wide plant grow light strip coverage PPFD 51 μmol/s @10″ provides excellent energy for plants to grow strong. Over 95% of light energy can be absorbed by plants, making it a great option for plants in the seedling, vegetative, and flowering cycle.

DOMMIA Plant Grow Light Installation

This grow light is easy to install and can be used anywhere indoors, including on plant shelves, cabinets, and walls. With the included 3M Sticky Spacer and cable ties, you can install the panel yourself in minutes. It is plug-and-play, and the 40-inch connecting cord allows for separate installation, saving time and installation costs.

The professional team behind the DOMMIA Plant Grow Light has years of research, development, and product production experience. They provide hassle-free service, including a 12-month warranty, 30 days money-back guarantee, or replacement without reason. If you have any questions, their team is available 24/7 to assist you.

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