Outer Trails Two-Chamber Bat House – Brown

Outer Trails Two-Chamber Bat House - Brown


$29.99 on March 24, 2023

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This handcrafted cedar two-chamber bat house is waterproof and can resist the majority of weather conditions, including snow, rain, cold, and heat.

Simple to Install: Our pre-assembled two-chamber bat house provides a safe environment for bats to sleep in while also keeping them dry and at ease. With its strong hook on the back, this pre-assembled house is simple to install and may be fastened to buildings, trees, and other structures.

A bat house encourages bats to roost in a location that will benefit your environment because they are an essential component of nature’s ecosystem.

Our two-chamber bat house has enough room for an entire colony to roost

Outer Trails Two-Chamber Bat House - Brown

No need to call the bats to your home for the ideal roosting location. Bats will come on their own if you build your residence off the ground and far enough away from potential predators. Every night, bats instinctively look for new roosting locations. Outer Trails Two-Chamber Bat House has enough room and it’s interior is grooved so they can grab on to it. Try to erect your house where it will receive a lot of light throughout the day and some shade sometimes.

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