Gardening became the new trend during the lockdown

by Frank B.

new trend during the lockdown

If there is one sure thing that we have learned during quarantine it is that we like nature. We all wanted to put our green thumb to the test by racking, buying plants, and starting a vegetable garden. And yes, young men and women were the first to bring this trend to life.

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Gardening is the new trend during the lockdown that saved us from boredom

More people than ever have developed a passion for greenery during the lockdown. They range from vegetable gardens in the yard, to aromatic plants on the balcony: any solution is fine as long as it gets us to experiment with nature and plants.

Who are we talking about?

Young people have given space to creativity during the lockdown, and many of us have found inspiration and new trend during the lockdown precisely in gardening. In fact, most of the newfound plant enthusiasts are millennials! The best thing about this is that we are not just talking about people who live in the countryside and therefore can easily access the land or maybe own a garden or a vegetable garden. We are also and above all talking about young people who live in the city and who have probably rediscovered their passion for nature and greenery in a difficult moment like that of the lockdown. Along with the number of gardening enthusiasts, purchases of land, soil, and garden tools have increased significantly during the quarantine. So many people have started buying these materials online, and it is expected that this will become more and more a habit, not only in the gardening market.

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