Seed Starter Tray with Grow Light, NEWKITS Plant Germination Starter Kit Seed Starter kit with Humidity Dome and Base for Greenhouse Grow Wheatgrass Hydroponic(12 Cells per Tray) (with Grow Lights)

Seed Starter Tray with Grow Light


$23.99 on March 24, 2023

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Upgrade LED Seedling Germination Box: The top switch of the NEWKITS Seed Starter Kit with Grow Light has been changed to a full-spectrum waterproof plant light with 4 leds in order to help your seedlings grow more effectively. It can be utilized as the seeding box’s temperature and humidity adjustment switch as well as a plant lamp to illuminate your plants.

NEWKITS Seed Starter Kit with Grow Light is strong and Durable

NEWKITS Seed Starter Kit with Grow Light

Strong, Durable Thickening, Tear Resistance, Non-Deformation, High Transparency, Easy to Observe, and Reusable – The entrance seedling trays kit is composed of high quality PP material, with high strength, durable thickening, tear resistance, non-deformation, and high transparency. The NEWKITS Seed Starter Kit with Grow Light Ideal for gardeners and gardening enthusiasts. It is adaptable and may also be used with peat blocks and fiber pots. Ideal for use on balconies, patios, farms, homes, etc.

Strong and homogeneous artificial light from a wide spectrum of light sources is provided by our full spectrum growth lamps for plants. It is excellent for growth light and supplemental light, much like sunlight. 4 LED plant lighting that is USB-powered (adapter not included). Plant light can be used to replace natural light and encourage plant development inside, in greenhouses, and in plant labs.

This NEWKITS Seed Starter Kit with Grow Light heightens the lid from 11 cm to 16 cm, adjusts the humidity, and has a drainage design. Plants that are sown have greater space to expand. Temperature and humidity switches at the top. Maintain the seedlings moist, lessen evaporation, make it simple for heat to enter, and maintain a steady soil temperature. Excess water can be drained from the cell tray’s holes, preventing root rot.

5 sets of seed germination boxes are included in the Seed Seedling Set, together with 10 PCS plant tags and 2 PC seedling tools (12-cell insert tray, transparent cover, LED plant light switch, base tray). Perfect for centralizing plant management and indoor cultivation. Seed propagators with covers are appropriate for cutting germination in addition to hydroponic seed germination.

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